You need or feel like having a moment of relaxation ?

Air-conditioned Wellness Massage Salon

located in xxx(district of “Centre”)


We have created for you

a place of relaxation with zen ambience,

and cocooning atmosphere !

Why Aline 3B ?

  • Bien-Être” (well-being) : thanks of the different types of massage proposed .
  • Bienveillance” (kindness) : you will be offered a cold or warm drink after your massage.
  •   Beaudru :this is my name, but also my true welcoming nature.

Enjoy your visit of the site ! I’m already looking forward to receiving you !

 Important information : these modelling techniques aim at bringing you well-being and serenity, as a way of taking care of your body.

They are in no way related to medical or sexual methods.

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