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As for « Kindness »

After each massage, it is important to hydrate so as to FACILITATE the elimination of toxins. So you wil be offered a drink as part of the service. A moment of conviviality which also contributes to your well-being and wil bring you additional serenity.

Coffee (Tassimo) :                                    

•Expresso classic (short, strong)
•Lungo Intenso (long, intense)
•Carte noire Tiramisu
•Café gourmet (flavor creme brulee)
•Cappuccino (short coffee, milk)
•Latte Macchiato (long coffee, milk)

Tea :                                                        

•Green tea with mint
•Earl grey tea
•Black tea Darjeeling
•Chai Latte
•Tea flavored with fruit

Infusion :                                                 

•Licorice Mint
•Twinings Flavor Berries

Chocolate :                                                 

•Côte d’or


Fruit juice :                                               

•Apple, etc. (depending on availability)

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