Modeling techniques used in the CALIFORNIAN MASSAGE” :

Modeling Relaxation Facial                                  20 minutes             20 €

Hands Relaxing Massage                                    20 minutes             20 €

Specific Modeling for lighter Legs                      30 minutes             30 €

Specific relaxation of the back                              30 minutes             30 €

Californian relaxation massage                       1  hour                    50 €


Specific Care Relaxation for your Feet                  30 minutes              30 €



All-year-round : Subscription for 10 Californian relaxation massages : 40 € per hour

Subscription Care 10 “specific relaxation for Feet” 24 € per session


* These prices include a refreshing musical ambience with soothing lights,  and perfuming essential oils.

** approximate duration.

*** Supplement will be asked if the massage is at your home.

For group tariffs (companies, associations), please, contact me.

N.B. : These modelling or massage techniques aim at giving well-being and serenity. They are in no way related to medical or sexual methods.



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